The Association Concept Art Organising (Spolek Concept Art Organising) is a small non-profit organization that takes care of the financial operation of the orchestra – obtaining grants, subsidies, finding partners and sponsors. Jazz music still belongs to the minority genres, hence the need to promote it in all possible ways. The orchestra consists of the most prominent Czech jazz players and cooperates with major international soloists. We aim to provide a comfortable working environment for our players, who reward you with a hundred percent performance of the orchestra!

Do you like what we do? Are you a designer, a photographer, an organiser, a journalist, a head of a big company, an owner of a hotel, an owner of a copy center or perhaps a millionaire?

Join us while sponsoring this outstanding orchestra!

What will help us:

  • contribution to year-round activities of the orchestra
  • contribution for a specific project orchestra
  • providing prizes to the Composers Competition
  • providing high-quality photos from the concert
  • mediation concert abroad
  • article about the activities of the orchestra in a newspaper, magazine or on the Internet
  • CAO video posted on the Internet and broadcast on TV
  • promotion orchestra in radio broadcasts
  • design and creation of posters for concerts
  • provision of hotel rooms for our foreign guests
  • printing of posters, parts and scores
  • promoting our concerts

What we offer:

  • acknowledgment and visibility of your name or your company on our website, social media, posters and concerts
  • banner of your company at our concerts
  • marketing asset – the promotion of your products or services provided on our website, social media, posters and concerts
  • free tickets to the concerts of Concept Art Orchestra
  • The Prague Six poster signed by all members
  • seminar with members of the orchestra, eg. on the subject of jazz, improvisation, composing, playing an instrument
  • in the event of substantial financial support, we can offer a concert at your corporate event or party

If you have decided to support the activities of the orchestra in this or in any other way, please, join us and email us at

For Concept Art Orchestra and quality Czech music, thank you!