Concept Art Orchestra is a professional noncommercial Czech jazz orchestra led by a trumpetist, composer and conductor Štěpánka Balcarová. The orchestra differs from other Czech big bands while specializing in performing original compositions written by contemporary Czech composers.

The participation of the best musicians of the Czech jazz scene including top foreign players from Germany and Austria and regular cooperation with Czech Radio help to fulfill the main goal of the 16-member ensemble – to ensure top interpretation, documentation and subsequent transmission of contemporary Czech big band music.

2016 – Český Anděl 2015 Award in Jazz & Blues genre category – album The Prague Six (2015)
2019 – Český Anděl 2018 nomination in Jazz & Blues genre category – album Vánoce dospělých (2018)
2021 – Český Anděl 2020 nomination in Jazz genre category – album 100 YEARS (2020)

The Orchestra performs regularly at jazz festivals, in interesting concert halls, and in jazz clubs. Thanks to its diverse repertoire, music critics rank its work on the border among jazz, world music and classical music.